Fall Changes

I never know when a burst of energy is going to hit, but I have learned to take advantage of it! So, I stopped by staples yesterday morning and they had a router on sale...I've been eyeing them since july when I got the laptop and yesterday turned out to be the day I bought one. It didn't take too long to install it and I flipped open the laptop in the livingroom and wahoo! We now have wifi at chez beadbabe!
Well, that little success gave me a hit of energy, so I decided this was the day I was going to rearrange the living/dining room....in our little mobile, the two "rooms" make a single L-shaped room that's always been an interesting challenge to arrange. My first thought last spring when I first got this little bee in my bonnet was that I'd need a sectional to do what I wanted to do with the room...but I couldn't find one I either liked or could afford at any of the summer garage sales, so I'd put it on hold....then the other morning I realized I could do it with the furniture we have and I was just waiting for the right moment. And to give my DH a heads up....he likes to have a little advance warning (and a pretense of input) on changes to his living space....so a week or two ahead of time I start dropping hints.
Anyway...got it mostly finished except for a bunch of books we've been needing to sort and a ton of CD's (where the heck did they all come from!) to find storage space for. They turned out to be easy...we found a tower CD bookcase for $8 at the salvation army that was in perfect shape, so they're almost all sorted after DH's hard work all last evening!
Here are a few before and after shots....and when the books are all sorted I'll do one final shot before we start messing it up again with all this daily living stuff, lol!
Oh...and a bit of beadwork got done too but the photos will have to wait on that!


abeadlady said...

Can I hire you to come organize my apartment? LOL I have to buy a router for my laptop as well. Guess I should get it done so my laptop is set up to take to BABE. Can't miss my groups for five whole days.


Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

Looks great, Bobbi -- like Aline, I could use a hand -- well, really, a kick in the ____ would probably work as well. LOL.

beadbabe49 said...

lol...I'm afraid you'll have to wait a while...apparently I've (mildly, I hope!) pulled a muscle on the other side of my back! boy do I feel silly!

Bobi said...

Oh no! You were supposed to heal first - that includes resting the other muscles that compensated for the one that took a siesta before, hehe.

Your place looks great! Get some rest. By the way, I received my package in yesterday's mail - I love it! Thanks again.


KV said...

Nothing quite so satisfying than when a good idea reaches culmination, right? But you better slow down and take care of that back!

Kathy V in NM

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh Bobbi...I saw that you were changing stuff up when I wrote but failed to post a comment then.

Oh, I didn't know about your back! You do need to get those slide around things...we got those a couple years ago and they really do work! I am sorry to hear about your back, the other side...but have to agree with Kathy, you need to slow down for awhile and take care of your back.

Now that the house is fluffed up, organized, and looking great...no excuses! You need to sit down and enjoy the change and rest that back!!!

Hugs to you...~Lisa ;-)

beadbabe49 said...

thanks for all the "mom" advice...sounds just like me with my son (who is already having knee problems at 35!)...apparently both of us have inherited a ton of my mom's genes...the 87 yr-old who is still moving her furniture around!