I wonder where the summer went, lol! Too fast, but I'm still hoping for a nice indian summer in september and october-we'll see.
Here is the right angle weave bracelet finished and shown on my wrist for pat...don't know if you can tell but it's three beads deep, so it's a pretty sturdy bracelet but still with a lovely flexibility.
I'm also working on the summer piece, as I've got almost 3 weeks before it needs to be done...and am starting a small hand pin/pendant, just to warm up for the september bead journal.


Carol said...

Hi Bobbi
You've been beady busy!!
The bracelet realy has a fall feel.

Its a good start to September BJP. LOVE you color choice and charm/focal.

xx, Carol

Deborah said...

Lovely bracelet!

Penny said...

You are a beautiful, busy beader! Keep up the good work - its lovely.