Rain, Sun and Sweetpeas

Well, the weather is still up in the air, lol....skies cleared up late yesterday and this morning I see blue again, but it's not as warm yet. The sweetpeas have outdone themselves this year and are still growing...the window to our dining ell is about 6 feet off the ground and the flowers are a couple of feet higher and would probably be covering the window except that the wire they're supported by is only 5 feet high.
The bracelet is finished and the fabric cut out for the september bjp. I still have the summer wall piece to finish and I was playing with some paper clay and have to paint those pieces too before I start on the journal page.


Carol said...

Whatcha doin' with paperclay?

Ah, the weather. Brother. Was 90 one day and 68 the next. This week is all 70's forcasted. No rain. We'll see. Don't know how we got so much rain in the sping and none in the summer. At least the humidity is gone. We were out pulling weeds that grew in the rainforest we had all summer!!

Penny said...

Several years ago I spent a week with my sister-in-law. She had a bumper crop of sweet peas and when I walked into the guest bedroom there was a big bouquet waiting for me. With the windows open to a nice breeze the scent of those flowers was just lovely.

lilylovekin said...

How wonderful that you still have sweet peas, they are one of my favorite flowers, but are long gone here. Enjoy them while they last. The cool days of fall will be here soon.