Fantastic Giveaway

I don't usually go for give-a-ways, but this one is too fantastic to miss...and if you do any kind of fabric work, especially quilting, this will rings your bells too! The blog is Millie's Quilting and she is giving away a GO cutter, a die cutter for fabric. For me, I could cut out circles en masse and they'd be perfect to use with my bead embroidery. The winner also gets 3 dies, so you can start playing immediately...what fun!
Thursday was my sweeties birthday, so we drove over to the valley and had lunch with a friend...we were also able to have our little place pressure-washed and we've about finished weather stripping the sun porch (maybe I'll start calling it the sun room if I can use it longer in the year!), so we hit the ground running this Fall season!
Gallery sitting this weekend, so I'll have some more progress photos of the little pins I'm working on and I'm looking for the fabric for my autum wall hanging (haven't got a name yet) and finishing the september bjp so I can cut out the hands for october's bjp....whew...I hope I have enough energy for all that!
Did I mention it's sunny?

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lilylovekin said...

Enjoy your sunny days, and have a wonderful Sunday.