Indian Summer or Autumn

I'm wondering this morning if we're going to have an indian summer or if autumn is making an early apprearance. By the fog I see outside in the tops of the big doug firs, it looks like autumn, but it's pretty warm outside and could easily clear up in a couple of hours and get as bright and sunny as yesterday was...one thing for sure- it's a time of year when the weather report is as often wrong as it's right. I love it!
I think I'll finish this bracelet today and then decide this afternoon what I want to start on next. It's already a week into september and I haven't chosen my fabrics yet so I might just do that....or it might be so sunny that I take a drive up the river and sit on the dock and watch the water go by...
Oh...this little thing is the first piece of bead embroidery I did about 10 years ago...the impetus for it were the two carnelian-looking pieces in the middle. They had no holes in them so to use them I had to use embroidery instead of the off loom weaving I had been doing....and it's been an adventure ever since!


Beadwright said...

It is raining in Florence. At least it cuts down on the dust and sand.
Have a good day beading

Carol said...

Well, I think you have to have a frost before you can call it Indian Summer.

OMGosh I love the colors in the piece from long ago!

Hope you went to sit on the dock. Sounds like Serenity.

Plays with Needles said...

Hi Bobbi. I'm here and getting caught up on your life. I've been doing a bit of peyote lately too and yes...it does take a looong time. But your colors here are beautiful. Happy Fall...you live in a gorgeous place. *sigh