Newport Paper Arts Festival XV

I think this is probably my 7th or 8th time at assisting at the NPAF and today I'm taking the fifth class I've taken over the years. It's been interesting watching the classes change over the years from a bit more traditional book arts to a more eclectic blend this year (you can see this year's brochure in pdf format at the bottom of this link). I'm really excited to be taking a class in making a leather-bound book that will have our own decorated paper as well as stitching on the cover...I'll have photos tomorrow, I hope!
It is so wonderful to be around so many happy and excited participants (even a returning artist from England!) and to watch the staff and volunteers at our visual arts center make this happen every year. Well done, everyone!
And the weather has been cooperating...a few sprinkles, but mostly sunny with lovely sunsets.


Pam Aries said...

That sounds so cool.... I can't wait ot see pics!

beadbabe49 said...

We had three mostly sunny days too, which is somewhat unusual for this time of year...