April BJP and Oliver

Getting a photo of my bjp was a lot easier than getting one of oliver, lol! Cats are not the easiest of subjects...one reason I so admire the photography of the gal who has the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee blog.
It's actually too hot on the porch, so the kitties and I are sitting outside soaking up the sun...bliss!


Carol said...

That purple makes me drool!!

Allegra Smith said...

So there is where the sun is! Send some this way when you go inside, dreadful here, even the air is gray today. And that purple makes me think of a gigantic petal, coming to rest on the sand with a chunk of a star just blooming there.

wv: nicat as in neat cat? I swear one cannot make these things up!

Beadwright said...

Hi I am working on a piece that is purple as well. Must be the time of year or something.


Pat said...

What a beauty. If I saw him outside my window, I would swear that there was Chester.
What good taste you have!!!!

beadbabe49 said...

thanks! purple isn't usually a major color for me, but this time of year does call for it with all the lilacs and little violets blooming..

(oh no, pat...not the dreaded "good taste"!) LOL

Robin said...

Our cat, Hollie, isn't cooperative either and she's dark like Oliver which makes it worse. Thanks for the link.