February BJP

I'm trying to keep the energy going so I found the fabric and the beginning figure for february's bjp. The figure is a small bone skeleton...I think this month's page will have a number of skulls, skeletons, hearts and images of spring.

It snowed a bit this morning but melted in the afternoon...still, it was very pretty while it lasted.


Robin said...

Your background fabric suggests many interesting possibilities... I love it! I await your skeletons, hearts and spring with eager anticipation. Robin A.

KV said...

Gorgeous fabric, Bobbi!

Kathy V in NM

ladybug said...

This stunning! I love the skeletal figure inside what looks to me like a blooming flower...great combination of life/death! And the swirls on the background show movement...perhaps between the too. Nice work!

beadbabe49 said...

thanks for the great comments!

yes, it's talking to me but it's saying too many things at once, so I've got it here and I'm waiting until a few front runners appear.