Another couple of hours into it...I like to document my process as I move through a piece. I also seem to see it better on the screen, than when I hold it in my hand...and can tell when something is or isn't working in it.


Bobbi said...

Hi Bobbi, isn't that the truth though, up on the screen you can tell what needs to be done or undone! I'm like that also. I'll be in the process of making a piece and then I'll take a couple of pictures of it, and sometimes the bad news is I'm doing some ripping out and fixing up after seeing the pictures up on my screen.
However, in your case, this is coming out Gorgeous!!! I absolutely love this Bobbi, it's just incredible!!!
Oh...thanks so much for always sharing the progress of your pieces, I really do enjoy them very much!
I hope that you have a beautiful day and a wonderful rest of your week!
Hugs and happy beading...

Carol said...

Hi Bobbi
I always like to watch your progress. I don't post mine because I find the camera to computer a pain. Or maybe I just don't take the time.

Anyway, looks like your piece is working just fine!

Have a great day.
xx, Carol

Pam Aries said...

It is looking fabulous!

Robbie said...

These just always seem to work for you!! Love this start (too!)

Lynn said...

I love all the textures - and those sweet little flowers!

Your new font on your header is perfect :)