Photoshop and Bead Fair

Tory of Copper Crow Studio has been showing some of her photos after photoshopping them and seeing her work reminded me of how much fun I used to have with photoshop filters, so I took one of my sumi photos and did a little playing around...and it is still fun!
Also, Kathy of Beady Zoo asked about our local bead festival this weekend, so here is the text from the article our local paper wrote...for educational and informational purposes only, please.

It's supposed to be terribly hot in the valley this weekend, and we're always much cooler (sometimes too much so!) but I still expect a good turnout for this annual event that I enjoy so much...and you can see the Pink Bus in the background....it's always nice to see them at the fair.

They've got the BEADS
Colorful beads and jewels come ashore during Nye Beach festival

By Monique Cohen Of the News-Times
Published: July 17th, 2009, News Times, Page 9

Eighteen vendors from around the Northwest will showcase beads of all shapes and sizes at the Nye Beach Bead Festival next weekend - July 25 and 26. Linda Neigebauer, owner of Nye Cottage Beads and festival organizer, shows several pieces of Kingman turquoise mined from Kingman, Arizona. (Photos by Monique Cohen)
Bead lovers, get ready to revel in the multitude of colorful beads and jewelry for sale at the Nye Beach Bead Festival next Saturday and Sunday - July 25 and 26 - at Nye Cottage Beads in Newport.
About 18 vendors, most from Oregon, will be at the festival from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day in the Nye Cottage Beads parking lot and shop at 208 NW Coast St. in Nye Beach.
Linda Neigebauer, festival organizer and owner of Nye Cottage Beads, recently returned from a buying trip in the Czech Republic and is awaiting delivery of 1,000 pounds of beads. She saw the bead-making process firsthand, with visits to bead, button and glass factories.
"It's an amazing process for making beads. There were 11 bead store owners who went in one group, so we bought over 10,000 pounds of beads," said Neigebauer. "It amazes me that our beads are as inexpensive as they are after seeing the process they go through. It's so many steps."
Festival vendors will showcase glass beads - Japanese, Czech and vintage - as well as jewelry and turquoise and semi precious beads. Tom and Elisabeth Freeland, formerly of Waldport, are bringing opal, turquoise, citrine and amethyst, along with handcrafted rings, bracelets and pendants.
Mussa, from Washington, will bring African trade beads - new and ancient - both days of the festival.
Artist Nancie Miller will feature dichroic pendants made from fused glass, and Indigo Birdwell of Otis will bring ethnic beads, bone carvings and handblown vintage beads.
Debbie Jimmerson of Lincoln City has a selection of Athabascan inspired beaded pins, earrings, barrettes and purses. David Eslinger , with Nature's Art, will have handmade jewelry, crystals and fossils.
In addition to beads and jewelry, Neigebauer will sell tie-dyed doggie T-shirts for $16 to $20 in various sizes as a fundraiser for Friends of the Lincoln County Animal Shelter . Shirts are tie-dyed by Newport Farmers' Market vendor Circle Tie-Dye , and proceeds are earmarked for FOLCAS.
In the shop, Neigebauer sells new and vintage beads, semi-precious beads and beading supplies. She has a selection of items from several Fair Trade companies, such as jewelry from Zulugrass, Kazuri beads from Nairobi , and weaving from Guatemala. She offers beading classes for beginning beaders, as well as those who want to learn how to knot between beads, and on and off-loom weaving .
Local bead artist Jeannie Bard created the festival, which she named Many Facets of Beads. When Neigebauer inherited the festival six years ago, she renamed it Nye Beach Bead Festival.
For more information about the Nye Beach Bead Festival, contact Neigebauer at 265-6262 .


Pursuing Art... said...

Love the photo of Sumi! :) I have yet to play with photoshop...it's another thing on my to do list.

OH...I wish I could come...SAD!!! And, this weekend would be so nice to be at the coast! Linda went on a trip to the Czech Republic?!...how cool to see the process and what FUN that must have been. Boy, won't that be cool to see what beauties are in the 1,000 lbs she is waiting for.

I hope you get the chance to meet Kathy...she seems like such a sweet gal! I told her that I hope she gets the chance to meet you one day...because you are a sweetheart and she'd just adore you as much as I do!!!

Have a fun weekend!!! XO ~me

beadbabe49 said...

hey lisa...wish you could come too...supposed to be nice saturday afternoon and sunday all day!
I hope kathy can make it and I'm also curious as to what all linda bought...lotta beads on their way!

Beady Zoo said...

Hey, I thought I felt my ears burning, LOL!

Thanks, Bobbi, for the info on the bead festival. I will try my best to get up there on Saturday, if only to get away from the heat here for a bit. Meeting you and seeing wonderful beads (1000 lbs!), etc. would be icing on the cake. Lisa, wish you could be there too!

Love Sumi's portrait! She reminds me of a shiro utsuri (black koi w/ white markings); see http://www.cnykoi.com/koiid/show.asp?id=/koiid/images/utsuri_Shiro.jpg

pam T said...

ooooo Sumi is adorable and so pretty!!!! (says a cat lover)...
Why can't I live near a place that does bead shows? sigh... I may have to move! nothing goes on up here!!!!

beadbabe49 said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed, kathy!

oh pam...you have to go to the bead & button show some year...now THAT'S a bead show!