Bead Fair and Friends

I had a great time today at the bead fair...got to see old friends I haven't seen in a while and had the pleasure of meeting kathy of beady zoo and her darling dog, rosie. Kathy also surprised me with an incredibly thoughtful gift of varigated perle cotton, a gorgeous hand dyed silk ribbon from Mindy's in eugene wrapped in a piece of beautiful batik cotton....thanks so much kathy! I know you'll be seeing something of your gift in this month's bjp...as soon as I got it home it started talking to me! I sure wish I'd had more time to chat and it would have been fun if lisa had been able to join us....maybe we can plan a getogether later in the year?


pam T said...

o what lovely perle cotton and ribbon - and the fabric!!! Can't wait to see them incorporated in some of your art! wow, I wish we had fairs like this close to home!

Carol said...

Hey you lucky duck!! How do you rate getting to go to a bead fair and they give you presents just to come? What a wonderful surprise for you. All are stunningly beautiful!

xx, Carol

KV said...

Oh, yes, that is terrific perle cotton! And I just know you will do gorgeous things with it . . .

Kathy V in NM

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I love that perle cotton! Ever since I took up knitting last year I am competely besotted with yards and threads.

Loved your comment on my movie sets post! I hadn't thought about the Sandpiper in forever.... I think I only saw that once on television...but I do remember that seaside house!!! Thanks for the reminder!

freebird said...

Lucky you. What a nice gift. It must be super hot up there for all of you. Glad you get to be out and about with your knee healing up some.

beadbabe49 said...

thanks for all the great comments...I sure feel lucky!
it is terribly hot in the willamette valley, timaree, but we are on the coast and are getting lovely cooling breezes, so we're in the low 70's right now...supposed to get to 72 today, although our back garden is sheltered from the strongest winds so we'll probably hit 75 or 76, lol!

Beady Zoo said...

Bobbi, it was great to meet a fellow blogger & beader! Rose and I had a lovely time -- being able to escape the valley heat even for a few hours was super (high of 95F here on Sat). After wandering through the bead festival and store, meeting new vendors and visiting ones I've met before, Rose and I walked down to the beach -- she had a grand time greeting people and kissing quite a few babies' hands.

I was happy to introduce Bobbi to Mindy's wares -- can't wait to see your reaction to her store! And I'm glad the gifts are speaking to you and inspiring you. Looking forward to chatting with you again, and a "beading at the beach" get-together would be perfect.

Beady hugs from the zoo!

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Bobbi...wow, love the pictures and I would have loved to have come! What a beautiful day and it looks like a great turn out too.

What a perfect day to meet Kathy, what fun! I'm sure she just loved meeting you. That was so kind of her to bring you some varigated perle cotton and silk ribbon all wrapped in batik fabric. What a treat. I know you will stitch something beautiful with those goodies!

A "beading at the beach" get together would be fun! You know that I'd love to see you again!!!

XO ~me

P.S. Thank you for the note! I'll email you soon...trying to catch up on posts before email. It's cooled down a bit, not enough, but the 90's are feeling quite comfortable compared to the
100's...especially 106! It has been H-O-T (insert *WHINE* here)!!! We are so looking forward to getting back into the
80's this week. SO envious of the beach temps lately!!! ;-)