Summer Solstice

Wow, summer solstice and father's day all in one! hope everyone has a great day whatever you're celebrating!

I'm giving the father in the house a yard of dirt...gardeners sure have funny wishes, lol!

I've been doing shaped pieces from the diane fitzgerald book and having fun, but it's just playing now so I'm not posting any photos yet...

Here's another of the little ATC's...they seem to draw out another type of creativity entirely from the shaped pieces...not too surprising since the shaped pieces have to be done just so, and the ATC's and other bead embroidery is totally improvisation, at least the way I do it!


Carol said...

And you do it soooo well!

beadbabe49 said...

aw...thanks, carol!

Pursuing Art... said...

I love these ATC's...they are all so unique and beautiful.

You are a dear to give Chuck a yard of dirt! :) Gardeners do have funny wishes...lol! Ah, fresh dirt...love it...full of nutrients. Mark couldn't understand for the longest time when I said I needed *new* dirt for my pots each year...he thought dirt was dirt. Nope...old dirt lacks nutrients...the water eventually drains it away...so it's great to have new dirt and give the plants some fresh soil.

Looking forward to seeing the shaped pieces you are working on!

Hugs, Bobbi...and I'll talk to you soon! P.S. Perfect regarding an email...have a great time with your friends!!! ;-)