Local friends who know how much trouble I'm having with inspiration have been sharing magazines, books, websites and giving me small treasures in the hopes something will click. I'm looking through some older Ornament magazines and finding some wonderful color combinations I would not have thought of and just getting jazzed up in general.

Two books have been especially wonderful...Robin Atkin's latest book(a gift from a friend), Heart to Hands Bead Embroidery, and one I just ordered (having seen a copy a friend owns) Diane Fitzgarald's, Shaped Beadwork. The last one really surprised me (and I owe a great thanks to my friend gail who shared it with me!) since I haven't done any bead weaving in at least 6 months, which is a real record for someone who started out doing nothing but the peyote, RAW, and herringbone stitches!

So now I'm planning some larger bead embroidery pieces and some small shaped pieces that might make earrings and bracelets for one or two of our local galleries.

I've got my fingers crossed...


Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, this is great news. So glad to hear that these books have inspired you. Your friends too, especially Gail...what a dear heart she is!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations. So glad it's given you a boost!

Hugs from me...

Robin said...

I have another suggestion to add to the pile. This one goes in my TOP 5 BEST EVER BOOKS. It's:

Art as a Way of Knowing
by Pat B. Allen

You could get it from your library, but I have to tell you, I've put so many marginal notes and underlining in mine and read certain parts so many times, that it's like the family bibly used for 10 generations!

I'm glad my book is helping too... that makes me happy.

Love and hugs,
Robin A.

Beady Zoo said...

I LOVE Ornament magazines! I recently purchased a bunch of older B&B and Beadwork magazines, and the seller tossed in some Ornaments from 1999-2002. I'm glad your two new books are helping re-spark your muse.

Other places I look for inspiration are National Geographic magazines or website (both for color/texture and ethnic creations); gardening and nature publications; or just observing surroundings indoors or outdoors with a focused eye.

Here's an interesting site for colors inspired by nature: http://www.virtualyarns.com/colour/default.asp


Carol said...

Hi Bobbi

It certainly is the time of the year to hit a creative glitch! The mood will strike again. Beads are in your blood you know! I have never tried beaded shapes but I was thinking after the summer I might. I'll be looking forward to seeing your next project, whatever it is.

beadbabe49 said...

thanks for all the great comments!

and thanks for the book suggestion, robin...I'm looking for it locally before I go to amazon, but it's definitely on my must-have list!