Gone But Not Forgotten

One of my few real life heroes died today...Paul Newman. I fell in love with him when I was 16 years old and over the years my respect for him has just kept growing. For his great and undervalued talent, his constant and faithful marriage to Joanne Woodward, his liberal politics and his humanitarian activities, especially his funding of the Hole in the Wall camps for seriously ill children. I've been doing a bit of grieving today, for his family and friends especially but tomorrow I'm going to celebrate his life...well-lived, well-loved and well-respected.


Pursuing Art... said...

Amen...I fell in love with him as a young girl when I saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and heard Raindrops keep Fallin' on My Head! He impacted so many people's lives with his generosity and heart!!! My thoughts were with JoAnne and their family today...it was a sad morning hearing the news!!!

Tricks said...

He was my hero too, I loved that film, my friend dragged me along to see it, and I thought, going to watch a western, why do I want to do that? I'm so glad she did.

He was great, I still giggle when I think of him on that bike, you know the bit at the end where he comes face to face with the bull.

I was very sad, I heard the news here in the UK last night. My hubby called out and told me, He will be sadly missed. Yes, that is a good idea, celebrate his life well. Tricia

abeadlady said...

It's so sad when the icons of our youth pass on. There was so much to admire in Paul Newman. I pray for his family that their grief will be bearable. They have to know how much he was loved.

beadbabe49 said...

ah...thank you so much for commenting...I'm getting some flack from my friends who weren't fans about feeling sad about someone I'd never met...but that's not really the point, in my mind.
Anyway...it's nice to hear from those of you who also felt how special a person he is/was.

abeadlady said...

It is never out of place to feel sorrow at the passing of someone whether you know them or not.


Anonymous said...

I felt very sad too. I feel sad when any of the stars from my youth are gone. It feels like some part of my youth is gone with them.


LJ said...

Newman was an amazing guy...a great actor, inspiring in the way he lived his life with so much vigor, enthusiasm and compassion. I think many of us felt truly sad to know he was gone from the world. Glad you posted this BB.