Coast Drive

My DH and I delivered a show from our visual arts center to it's next venue in Bandon, which is about 120 miles south of Newport. We spent the night with friends and then the next morning we headed south to Brookings, which is just a bit north of the CA border. It was a beautiful day...very windy but warm and I got to visit some of the viewpoints along the way...especially just north of Brookings. My new header is from Natural Bridges Cove and the photo here is just a bit north of that at Arch Rock...the water was almost turquoise and the views were far better than my photos can do justice to. If you get the chance, I'd drive the 101 route along the coast from Brookings to Yachats...north of that are some lovely places too, but it's much more populated. But bring a large card...I used my 2gig card and got some videos made also.
Now we're back home and I'm reinspired for my fall work.


Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

These photos are breathtaking -- just lovely -- what a wonderful way to spend a day.


Pursuing Art... said...

Oh Bobbi...I'm SO excited for you!!! I'm just sitting here smiling!!! It is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Is that not a tropical paradise wedged in a niche on the southern Oregon coast???!!??! And, you had beautiful weather too! Windy...us too...maybe it's just like that down there. Didn't it just take your breath away? It is just so STUNNING!!! It makes my heart ache to go again!!! And, I can imagine how refreshed and inspired you are feeling!

Hugs friend...and glad you are home and had a safe trip! ~Lisa ;-)

P.S. Maybe next year...you were 129 miles from Ferndale...to hop on Mattole Road and see the lost coast! ;-)

Anonymous said...

my favorite drive! We camped at Seal Rock last April in a very windy thunderstorm. It was wonderful.

susan s.

Jean said...

I love your new header of
Natural Bridges Cove that
you took pictures. I am
glad you had a great day
at the cove!

beadbabe49 said...

thanks, jackie...hope the weather your way is mild now...

thanks so much, lisa, for telling me about (and showing me) the cove...well worth the trip!

just another 129 miles, eh? we just might make it next year!

thanks susaw...wow, you're a real camper if you like wind AND thunderstorms while camping!

thanks, jean! Have you started sept. bjp yet, I wonder?

KV said...

Awesome photos, Bobbi!!!

Kathy V in NM

Purple Girl said...

Bobbi - the picture in your header is just stunning. I love the ocean in the winter, and hope we get at least one day of sunshine the week we are down your way - in December!

Isn't Gaia a wonderful lady?

abeadlady said...

Absolutely love the new header pic. That is one of my favorite areas of the coast. Makes me want to rent a car and drive up that way again. Did that a few years ago. Went all by myself. I took I-5up into Oregon and cut over to Newport. I drove the coast highway all the way down to Monterey. It was a wonderful trip.


Allegra Smith said...

What could I add to this, other than to say that we are the luckiest people in the world living here. Way back in 1972 when I picked Oregon of all the places I could live in this world everyone was asking me why. My only answer was "Just go there and then ask me again".

The photos are beautiful, they capture the magic of our home state, and the infinite faces of its beauty. Now, where are the car keys...?

beadbabe49 said...

thanks, kathy!

she's absolutely gorgeous, kate!

I'm hoping to go a bit further south next year, arline....but probably not as far as monterey just yet!

hey allegra...we've been in oregon since 1971...the early 70's were our wonderful tom mccall days! If you make it to newport (found those car keys yet, lol?) drop me a line and we can lift a cup together...

Allegra Smith said...

One of the very first things I did was to volunteer for him when I moved here, may he rest in peace. Audrey became a dear friend over the years to me and the children and I still miss her and her sweetness. You bet that once we get our house in order and I mean this in the real sense since just today the painters left, I will make sure to let you know when we come.

Here is to good memories of the past and the wonderful ones waiting for us in the future.

beadbabe49 said...

hear, hear!

Drea said...

Wow, gorgeous pics!

It's been so long since I've tavelled that road -- your photos make me miss it :)