We've Got Sun

Actually, it's been nice for several days in a row (gasp!) although a bit coolish in the wind. So I'm out at the end of the sunporch with the sliding glass door partially closed to keep the worst of it out. And it gets to a nice toasty 78 degrees before I open the door to cool it down a bit!
Here's my sumi cat lolling around on her cushion....she's my wild child and stays out all night when she can but I just love her to pieces!


Pursuing Art... said...

Hugs to Sumi! She looks pooped out, after her evening being a wild child! Bless her heart! She is where mom hangs out and is content to crash right there!!! I was hoping the sun was shining on YOU!!! ;-) Isn't this the oddest late Spring we've had in a long time!

Good for you to sit and enjoy the sun and bead on your sunporch! I'd love to come with my tray and bead right there with you too! It looks so peaceful! ;-)

Hugs my friend,

Lisa ;-)

beadbabe49 said...

Sumi has been probably one of the most unusual feline family members we've ever had...she reminds me of rosalind russell's Mame...lots of verve!

Lisa, any time you want to make the trek you'll be sooo welcome to come and bead on the porch with me...and I'm still smiling from your amazing surprise for me this afternoon! (I sent you an email with lots of words in CAPS!)

KV said...

That porch sure looks inviting, Bobbi!

Kathy V in NM

LJ said...

I could live on that sunporch. Yep. Yep. Certainly could.