Goodbye June, Hello July!

The last few days have reminded us all why we live here on the edge of the water...some glorious sunny days, little wind and even the overcast ones (caused by very high temps in the valley) are preferred to 90-100 degree heat!
This was a great weekend too as we had the director at our art center retiring (to return to making art fulltime), some very longtime friends visiting, plus I got an hour of a pro photographer's time to shoot some of my art works.
(Not to mention the guy feeding pidgeons by hand down on the bayfront...woo hoo!)

The photos are of some of our local workers (in the fields of art) presenting our director with a painting from the current show that she loved (and they managed to really surprise her!)...she's the gal in the black and white top...
Our friends from Napa...about the time chuck and I moved from bellingham, washington to portland, oregon, they moved from b'ham to napa, california and we've all stuck to our respective states for almost 40 years now! I think that makes them "true" californians and us, oregonians!
The pidgeon feeding guy...
The photographer whose name is thomas but I don't know his last name yet...he sure worked hard and from the looks of it, got some photos of my work much better than anything I could do...of course, he also had a digital SLR Nikon with a killer lens soooo......;)


Pursuing Art... said...

How thrilling that you were able to surprise the director with such a lovely gift on her retirement! I'm sure she'll cherish it!

And, what a glorious looking day! I know exactly where you were hanging out, I think! Your friends look like they are sitting on one of the short piers in Old Town?! We've been there a number of times. Love the shot of the guy feeding the pigeons and the one on his hand! Another brave bird-feeding soul! ;-) The weather looks stunning, much nicer than the heat and humidity we had here...you could have choked on it!

Lucky you getting some professional shots of your work! Wouldn't it be something to have a camera with a killer lens like that!!!


beadbabe49 said...

yes....we were down at abbey pier on the bayfront...right next to the Mo's that has the bay view (not the one across the street with no view)...

and oh yes...I'd love to have his camera and lens! but then I might have to take the photography seriously and that would take too much time away from my other work...so maybe it's better I don't have it!