For Lisa

of Pursuing Art...here's a photo of my son with his motorcycle...he had it for 7 years and survived...I'm sure spencer will too...just remind him to be really paranoid on the road, because it will SEEM as though they are out to get him!


Pursuing Art... said...

You are too funny and so sweet Bobbi!

Jaime looks SO cute on his motorcycle!!! Do you notice that Spence has that tough guy look, no smile?!?! This picture is about one hour after leaving the lot, and I can tell you...he is nervous! I am reminding him of everything and I could use any other mom's comments at this point! I will remind him to be really paranoid on the road, because it will SEEM as though they are out to get him! ;-) When I tell him that, he will Laugh!!! He thinks I'm the most paranoid MOM in the whole world!!! But, the sweetheart that he is, he keeps calling and letting us know that he hasn't crashed yet! Again, ... so reassuring!?! ;-))

I notice Jaime has the 'ol bandana on! Spence mentioned that he thought he should get one too! I reminded him that since he needed a haircut...;-)...maybe he should have one to help keep the hair out of his eyes! ~smile~ I even offered him one from my drawer! He didn't take me up on it, apparently the new bandana's come pre-tied for the cause! ~Alrighty then...!!!~ He bought a pair of aviator sunglasses for his cause too! Do you think they are imitating dad just a scosh...one way or another? Mine is!

I can use all the help I can get! Thanks for sharing this sweet picture! And, thank you for being so thoughtful and reassuring, putting such a smile on my face and warming my heart!!!


KV said...

That is one thing our boys never asked about or wanted. Now they are too busy in the corporate world to even try riding one of these . . . besides, they both live in very rainy climates and I don't think it would go so well.

Kathy V in NM

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beadbabe49 said...

hi lisa...glad this made you smile! and you can tell spencer that the advice came directly from my son! and yeah, I think they are always going to measure themselves up to their dads...jaime thinks the sun rises and sets on his dad and that he's the smartest man ever! isn't that sweet!
hi kathy...I don't think he rode it a lot in the winter in portland but it was cheap transportation in the summer and parts of the autumn...
hi vitrospective....thanks for the invite...I'll come and check out your site.

Infovorous said...

Paranoia is truly your best friend on a bike. I still suggest taking a rider's safety course. They're excellent and they really drive home the idea that other motorists (including bikers) just do NOT see you.

Actually, Mum, I love dad dearly, but it's been clear for some time that you're the brains of the operation! I am however emulating his potbelly nicely...

Pursuing Art... said...

Hey Jaime...nice shot of you! I truly agree with the paranoia thing and that other's just don't see you! Believe me, when Spencer swings by...I'll share it with him! And the rider's safety course...he just went through it. We would have forced him to do it but it's the law now...you have to take the class and pass it in order to get endorsed on your license! Good thing!!! ;-)

I not only have one worry with my son, however, my husband is rebuilding his Suzuki Water Buffalo right now that has been sitting in our garage with '87 tags!!! I almost lost him (32 yrs ago) from one accident...they never did find his helmet! So, two worries soon! I told your mom, the one good thing for him will be gas savings!!! At the rate IT is going...perhaps each of us will be riding bikes soon! I could handle a scooter! ~wink~

And your parents...they are delightful and so down to earth! I just adore and admire your Mom to pieces! Since you are the other piece to the puzzle, you must be someone very special too!!!

Thanks for sharing!!! ~Lisa~

beadbabe49 said...

lol....well, can I frame that or what!
and I'm sure you know I immediately called your dad back to read your comment! (we both had a chuckle about potbellies though as yours is pretty much imperceptible!)

wow, lisa...I didn't know that your husband had a accident in his past...I imagine that does, indeed, add a twist to your worries! and yet, it will certainly make him a verrrry careful rider!

Pursuing Art... said...

You should frame that now Bobbi...why you have the chance!!! LOL! I'm sure you and Chuck were laughing! What fun! Hugs to you!!! ;-))

The Lone Beader said...

Motorcycles are EVERYWHERE! :D