Basho number 9 is done...and I'm about half way through a herringbone bracelet I'm designing...at least I think I am. After almost 20 years of beading, it's not always possible to remember everything I've ever seen, so I'm usually hesitant to claim a new design. Guess I can just say I don't remember seeing anything quite like this before and especially not using hex beads.
LOL...think that's vague enough to keep me out of trouble!
The bracelet looks black, but I'm actually using lined garnet colored beads.


LJ said...

BB - nothing is new and everything is original because it always comes out as a little piece of our own spirit.
I just love this work you're doing.

beadbabe49 said...

and thanks!

Lisa Walton said...

Could I ask what Basho is please?