I wonder

I wonder if this earring (from the pendant on the cover of the new step by step beads) is really a project for intermediate RAW beaders? Most of it is fairly simple but connecting the two sides along the inside opening was pretty challenging even for me and I've been doing right angle weave for 10 years now....the pendant, which has more room to work around the middle, might be intermediate, but I don't think the earrings are. I'd sure like to watch Marcia DeCoster, who designed them, teach this to an intermediate group!


beadexplorer said...

What can I say? Love them! :D

LJ said...

I am, of course, translating them into square stitch. Which WOULD be easy. I find a lot of stuff advertised as "intermediate" is pretty tough - either that or the directions are kind of bad. Doesn't look like there's a lot of room to move around in the center at all.

beadbabe49 said...

thanks, be!

hi, lj...not sure this would be easy in square stitch either as it's actually 3 layers or two layers on the insides, connected by a layer on the outside and inside edges. My bad photo doesn't show the dimensionality at all, I'm afraid!