Years ago I bought some beautiful rhinestones on ebay thinking I could glue them onto fabric...well, when I got them I decided they were too beautiful to glue on so they just sat in their little soft cotton wrapper for a few years. Last month I was roaming around ebay and I saw some sew-on holders for just the rhinestones I had...I was excited!
Today I got the holders and "set" one of my rhinestones....now I can just sew them onto my bead embroidery for parts that need some incredible sparkle and flash...wow!
The photo just doesn't do the stones justice, but it gives you some idea of how they've become useable...


LJ said...

You give me hope for the ever-mushrooming collection of "some days" I keep collecting! And the rhinestones are gorgeous, BB.

beadbabe49 said...

LOL...there's always hope, lj!