Basho #6, Nasu, is started....

A friend was living in the town of Kurobane in the province of Nasu. There was a wide expanse of grass-moor, and the town was on the other side of it. I decided to follow a shortcut which ran straight for miles and miles across the moor. I noticed a small village in the distance, but before I reached it, rain began to fall and darkness closed in. I put up at a solitary farmer's house for the night, and started again early next morning. As I was plodding though the grass, I noticed a horse grazing by the roadside and a farmer cutting grass with a sickle. I asked him to do me the favor of lending me his horse. The farmer hesitated for a while, but finally with a touch of sympathy in his face, he said to me, 'There are hundreds of cross-roads in the grass-moor. A stranger like you can easily go astray. This horse knows the way. You can send him back when he won't go any further.' So I mounted the horse and started off, when two small children came running after me. One of them was a girl named kasane, which means manifold. I thought her name was somewhat strange but exceptionally beautiful.

If your name, Kasane,
Means manifold,
How befitting it is also
For a double-flowered pink.

By and by I came to a small village. I therefore sent back the horse, with a small amount of money tied to the saddle.


Janet C. said...

Another beautiful piece goes well with the story.

Beadin' Gram said...

Your Basho series continues to amaze me -- your translation of the word to art is fantastic. I look forward to each new addition.

beadbabe49 said...

thank you both!
In another month I may be caught up to my one-a-week goal!

Miss*Laurence said...

Thanks for sharing your work and the poetry too, I did not know Matsuo Basho, but will pursue the matter right away! I like the simplicity of your work, captures the whole story.

beadbabe49 said...

thanks you...I like your fiber work, especially the felt work.