5 Things about me and beads...

Lonebeader tagged me to participate in a meme...apparently I have to state 5 things about me I haven't written about before. I feel the need to change that a bit since this is my beading blog, so I'll list 5 beady things about me...

1. My first remembered exposure to beads was as a Bluebird in grade school....the bluebirds were part of the Campfire Girls organization, and you got brightly colored wooden beads in different shapes for doing all sorts of tasks and activities.

2. My second encounter with beads came in college, where I made myself a few simple necklaces with japanese seed beads.

3. Next I took up macrame in the early 70's and used some lovely ceramic beads as embellishment to my wall pieces.

4. In the late 80's, a friend of a friend came to visit from california and had some pretty crystals she'd peyote'd around and then strung on lovely necklaces with bead stars, hearts and other neat shapes. I'd never seen these kind of beads before (and couldn't find any locally at that time) but I did buy a book and learned how to peyote around a small crystal. I made a few of those necklaces and then my interest died.

5. Early 90's....I quit smoking and needed to find something to do evenings, so I visited our local bead shop and tried peyote again...this time around tiny perfume bottles. And this time the hook was firmly set...no matter how I wriggled I couldn't get loose and I've been hooked on beading ever since!

(not) The End (just the beginning!)


Janet C. said...

A much better habit than smoking! This piece coming along nicely.

beadbabe49 said...

how true, janet!