Yesterday was a good day....I got the second Basho piece started and started work on a bracelet I'll be teaching a short class on....the Basho piece still needs lots of work and I don't like the bracelet, so I'll be taking it apart and starting over....but I feel as though I'm really back again....yippee!
Oh, and I took 7 baskets to the gallery to be photographed and two bead embroidered pieces to another gallery to be shown...and hopefully sold!
Yep...a good day.


Robin said...

I really like the start of your Basho piece, and congrats on getting back in the groove... nice to have these "good days" now and then.

BTW, thanks for the link/info about the Fiberarts Studio Tours. Yes, some of those studios were inspirational... I liked what people wrote about their art/work spaces, particularly David Chatt.

beadbabe49 said...

hi, robin! yes...I like david's wall of beads a lot! He had a recent show at the Bellevue Art Museum and his whole "wall of beads" was also displayed...neat!