Tiny ATC-size piece...

I'm trying to do some small thing each morning to kind of get revved up to do bead embroidery...this is today's effort...Birds are Singing. The two abalone birds are sitting on a tiny piece of driftwood which holds their nest with three really tiny pearl "eggs".

June BJP

I've got the fabric and the hand for the june bjp but haven't started any beadwork yet....last month was about water...I feel this month will be about air....I'm feeling lighter and brighter the sunnier and warmer it gets...we're definitely moving into my favorite season.


And Done...

Since it's for may, I had to add a few vintage glass flowers and the three butterflies are the original three of us; myself, my husband and our son....



I think I'm almost finished...this piece represents reaching for the water of life...hoping it will flow to/over/through me for a long time to come....


Of mice and....

I've been working on a couple of small pieces to send to my son and a tiny ultrasuede mouse for myself. I'm also working on a crocheted hair band but it's barely begun so I haven't taken a pic yet.
Yesterday was another sunny day and not quite such a cold wind, thank goodness....that gets old after a while and it is almost june! We drove down the coast a ways to Yachats, a funky little town south of us where they were having an arts and crafts fair inside and their weekly sunday market outside. Friends of ours were selling in both venues so we just went to visit but ended up buying a couple of things...some flowers for chuck and a hammered copper heart and porcelain bowl/crow candle holder combo that I just love...and it's so nice to buy a friend's work to cherish!
The small fiber collage is a "J" for my son and the bracelet is ultrasuede, as is the little yellow mouse.


You Say It's Your Birthday!

It's our son's birthday and of course, each birthday reminds us of his very first birth day, and what an incredible jolt of instant love hit us the second we saw him come into this world...and although he lives in another city a few hours away, every time we see him we get that same little jolt to our hearts that brings smiles to our faces....thank you, jaime, for all the joy you've brought into our lives...and a huge thanks to holly for sharing her life with him.
I tried to load the PDF card I made for him but apparently blogger doesn't accept PDF files so I'll just add the two phtos I put on the card....one from 36 years ago and one from this year...
Love you, kiddo....


Shell Basket

A small basket I crocheted with some multicolored ribbon yarn and filled with shells and small freshwater pearls...

Glorious Sun

Beautiful day yesterday and more to come so I find myself energized again...took a few photos and plan on doing some more and maybe, just maybe, a bit on my may bjp!
The photos are some of the small plants blooming on my sun porch and part of an old wooden statue that greets us as we come in.



I've been contemplating light and color and realizing that both put me in a state of contemplation.
And when I put them together in a piece, whether it's a piece of jewelry or a wall piece or a guardian spirit, each stitch becomes a tiny meditation and each finished piece my form of contemplation.
I have the same feeling when I'm by the water, whether it's a small stream or the ocean, and it brings great peace to my heart.
May the blessings of contemplation be yours this Mother's Day.



I have the fabric and the hand ready for May...now to wait and see what comes up next.

Last weekend I made a little cuff out of ultrasuede and wool felt with some MOP buttons and rings and edged with triangle beads. I especially like the tube clasp, as I think it makes the whole piece look very simple.