Occasionally around this time of year we get some colder temps than we're used to, here at the beach, and we're having a short string of that now. I know the midwest folks will laugh but temps in the 20's and lower are rare here but they almost always give us clear skies and wonderful sunsets.

The new header is last night's sunset and I snapped it just before heading inside to our local pushpin exhibit reception. This year we had just over 200 entries which is quite down from last year, and I think the major difference is that fewer children and young people participated. I'm wondering if we need to do a better job of letting the schools know about the event or if it's just a reflection of our shrinking school budgets which lead to fewer (if any) art teachers.

We just had our "civil war game" between two oregon colleges and I understand that both the losing and winning team have brought millions of dollars to their schools because of these results.

I sure wish they could spare a little bit of those millions for the arts.

For some light relief.... a couple of sea anemones from the aquarium friday night. Reminds me that it's our 38th anniversary today...we have another art reception to go to this afternoon - this one for a friend of ours who is a photographer...and then we'll probably go out for dinner if it's not too cold or wet. We don't usually fuss a lot on our anniversary...we took a trip to mexico before we got married and the anniversary of that trip means a lot more to us than the actual day we stood before a justice of the peace. We were together 24/7 for six weeks, traveling in a VW van with our siamese cat, chi sai, and we figured surviving that trip (and even having fun!) probably meant we could navigate a marriage as well....and so we have.


Carol said...

God your banner pic is beautiful!!!
My favorite colors, too! I know what you mean about sports and the arts. Its like that in high school too.

abeadlady said...

Happiest of anniversaries to you both. The sunset pic is stupendous!

Deborah said...

Happy anniversary! I love the story of your traveling. What great memories you must have. You are so right about sports and art. It just doesn't seem right.

Plays with Needles said...

The sunset is lovely and it sounds like your marriage is as well. I loved hearing about your trip to Mexico...my husband and I went on a two week trip to Oregon before we were married and we think of it the same way. It was really the beginning of our marriage...the actual ceremony was a formality...

LOVE the anemones.

Beady Zoo said...

Happy 38th anniversary! I hope you had a wonderful day. Do you mark your six-week Mexico trip with an equally long celebration? LOL. Our 3-day honeymoon in Yachats was much more memorable than our 15 minute ceremony before a county judge.

Love the sunset picture, and yes it is COLD in Oregon -- our high today was freezing, 32F. Our low tonight is expected to be 11F.

About that Civil War -- I'm so tired of ducks and beavers! If I hear them mentioned as headline news one more time ... Wouldn't it be grand to have some of that athletic money for arts!?!?!?

Greetings from the frozen valley
Kathy (verification word was 'boods' -- I automatically typed 'beads')

KV said...

Happy belated anniversary, Bobbi! Your photos are exquisite . . .

Kathy V in NM

Pat said...

Congratulations on the longevity of your marriage. It really is to be commended in this day of "easy change". I do envy people that can hang together. My husband took a long time to like my Siamese, Mikko. Maybe that should have told me to wait for another! We last only 17 years.
The sunset is wonderful and magical.

beadbabe49 said...

thanks so much for all the anniversary wishes...it was a great day that had art in it and ended with dinner with friends...doesn't get much better than that!

And I think we're still together because we've stayed best friends even through the hard times...but finding each other in the first place was just blind, dumb Luck!

I'm so glad you like the photos too since I do like taking them...I'm old enough to remember when computers were mostly glorified word processors (and how exciting that was!) and sometimes being able to add phots and videos to posts seems like magic!

freebird said...

Well belated Happy Anniversary! Can you believe you've been married so many years? I've been married 37 now which is more than my parents had together. It's hard to believe for me. Hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Pursuing Art... said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Loved hearing about your trip to mexico.

Couldn't agree with you more...wish they could spare some of those millions for the arts too!

Festival of the lights photos are so pretty. And, I love your thought on doing photo cards...as long as it doesn't feel like work. ;-)