2010 Bead Journal Project Deadline

Just wanted to mention one more time that the deadline to sign up for the 2010 BJP is next Tuesday, the 15th, so if you want to be a part of this incredibly fun and inspiring project just go HERE and sign up!

No bead police will be sent (not even any fingers wagged) if you don't finish your pieces by the end of the year...in fact, all I've ever heard is encouragement and understanding if the (very flexible) deadlines aren't met.

It's not about finishing...it's all about doing and sharing and inspiring each other...and I'm delighted to be doing it for this third year!

I think I've pretty much decided on the hand shape (patterned after my own right hand), but not quite sure yet what to do with them....my latest favorite idea is to bead the hand, applique it to a 4x4 background and sew on a back before putting it into a clear DVD sleeve to hang from a 4 inch bamboo spacer (similar to how I hung my Basho set.)

And a couple of photos of the last two hands I've been working on finished and framed (the one with 4 pushpins is the one I ended up putting in our local open exhibit...) these were my practice pieces to see if I wanted to do another hand series.


Jackie said...

These are both lovely, Bobbi. I especially love the one on the right (blue hand background) --- just looked at the close-ups again and realized why -- that one has more nail head beads :-) I am still very drawn to the nailheads.

Sweetpea said...

GORGEOUS, Beadbabe! You've got something very special going on with your theme and I'm so looking forward to watching what you come up with for 2010...very inspiring indeed.

Deborah said...


freebird said...

These hands are beautiful. Hey, if you are into hands you might as well do them! It'll be interesting to see how they are compared to these.

Allegra Smith said...

These are gorgeous Bobby! I know I repeat myself but you know I tell the truth as well. Had to close the blog again because a new crop of pornography came down and blogger is either stumped by the fact or...? If you visit the forums talking about moderation you cannot help but to wonder what is really going on. Anyway, you are always welcome there so keep warm and healthy and I am sending you good wishes from both of us as well. Come and visit.

a2susan said...

I totally agree with you about the bjp being a process - the doing and the sharing and inspiration.

I love the sunset banner - can you see that from your house?

Also, belated happy anniversary.


Pursuing Art... said...

I just adore your hands, they are beautiful!

Thank goodness there are no BJP police...lol! ;-)