I have to say, of all the shapes in diane fitzgerald's book, I love the triangles the most. Three has always been a rather special number to me, coming from a family of three and being a family of three...and I just like the balanced, yet yearning upward feel of the triangle.
I could not figure out how to hang the pendant until I thought about stringing some of the delicas on softflex, then crimping it and add a crimp cover, which looks like a tiny silver bead. I wanted to keep it affordable and fun at the same time and I hope I've succeeded. I do love this color combo too and I'm thinking I'll have to make another set like this just for me.


KV said...

These turned out beautifully, Bobbi! If I ever get some quality time for beading here, I want to try that necklace with the Morroccan shapes . . .

Kathy V in NM

pam T said...

very nice, great colors!

abeadlady said...

Nice going, Bobbi! I haven't tried anything from her book yet. Just got a kit I had ordered from Rachel Nelson-Smith. I'm going to do it soon. Looks like a mosaic carpet.

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi you...you are just on a roll! These earrings and pendant are so beautiful and fun! I love the bright and cheerful colors you chose too.

Have been thinking about you! Hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy the sunshine while we still have it.

Love and hugs from me...;-)

beadbabe49 said...

hi kathy...that's an ambitious project but it does look like fun!
thanks, pam!
Hope you post pics when you finish your kit, arline?
hey, lisa...yeah, I'm having fun with the beads!