More Sun

We're still seeing sun here, at least in the afternoons, so I've been spending an occasional hour or two out by the island...some beading...some photography...some meditation. It's a good spot for all of those activities. A seal was fishing by my spot and I could hear him breathing when he came up for air...didn't have the lumix with me though, so I didn't get a close-up.
Got some more earrings done...and a bit further on the bjp.
And a photo of the fog coming in the bay yesterday afternoon.


Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

Peaceful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

pam T said...

very peaceful. Love the beading....!

Pursuing Art... said...

The photos are so beautiful and blue! Keep enjoying your special place every chance you can get. I am so happy that the sun is still shining like it has been. I'm just not ready for the rain to begin in earnest......XOXO