Another Weekend

Not that weekends mean all that much now except for my saturday job gallery sitting....unless I'm subbing at the gallery, my time is my own and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm making good use of it...
I think I'm going to start setting weekly goals and see how I do. Next month I'll be working a lot as one of the staffers is going on vacation, so I'll get a lot of beading done. And my closest friend is going to visit her sister in california....so I'll have more "free" time. Maybe I can get to the halfway mark in the basho series.
Last weekend I got some done on one of the basho pieces and started a small felt & silk & beaded bird...not sure yet what I'm going to do with him...whether he'll just be one-of-a-kind that I keep or the beginning of something new. I'd like to see if I can't do some tiny pins to sell on both my etsy shop and in a local gallery that carries kinda cute stuff.

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