On My Desk

My studio is in my home, here on the coast of Oregon...I have a 9x12 space and a 4x5 walk in closet that also holds art supplies.
I've gone under the name of KirkWorks for my jewelry and design work and have been making art for most of my life, so some tools and supplies from former incarnations are still hanging around.

Most of my drawing supplies are in the artcloset, along with bits and pieces for mixed media work. (second photo)
I also spent about 6 years doing digital art in it's early days (late 80's to early 90's), and I still work as a graphic designer occasionally.
My main art form now is making jewelry and wall pieces using fiber and beads...especially beads!
So, I don't need a large work area, but I do need lots of room to store all the fiber and beads. I specialize in vintage and antique beads in my wall pieces and I'm working on a 44 piece series now, using Basho's, Narrow Road to the Interior, as my inspiration.
You can see a few of the earlier pieces in the series on my beading desk. (top photo)

I have a large desk my son gave me when he moved to a smaller place and it's got 3 basic work areas on it.

On the far left is the beading/stitching station, the center holds the computer and the right side holds some business papers, lots of old cd's with my digital work and newer cd's with my fiber work on them and the printer/scanner/copier I use for all my business related printing. I sell most of my work through art galleries, so keeping up on inventory and getting them new work is an unending job....I try to keep up with it or it gets overwhelming. I also do my own business stationary, including business cards as I love the ability to put new images on my cards.

I have lots of plastic rolling carts with different sized drawers for the fabric and supplies needed for the fiber work. I also have many tabletop units with tiny drawers (found in hardware depts.) that store all my beads and findings, as well as the natural items (like shells and coral) I use.

The desk on the right is where I do my cutting and fusing of fabric, so it's the one place in the studio I try to keep clear...

And (the always important) studio cat, who is hard at work as per usual....Zoomie Sumi...the wonder cat.
(I can't get any photos of her moving, as she's so fast all you see is a grey streak...;)

If I finally did this right, it will be on the On My Desk blog eventually. See my links list...


Anonymous said...

Bead Babe,
Nice stash of "Stuff"....and so organized. I am organized, but only because I don't have much "Stuff". Ha, ha.
I just started a new bracelet pattern from a bead magazine and I think they printed the wrong beads to be used. Mine is like a doll bracelet..grrr. I left them a message, let's see if they answer or ignore me.
Sumi is GREAT, very photogenic and oh so cute on your multi machine.
Donna in WestOR.....

Beadin' Gram said...

So much and so orderly --- I can only dream ;-)

Jewels said...

"With age, art and life become one"

I love that! Nothing could be truer. I also use those multi-drawer, table-top cabinets. Sadly, the four large ones I've already got aren't enough for my ever-growing stash, LOL! (It never ends, does it?) ;p

Zoomie Sumi looks quite comfy on your printer there. :) (I miss my kitty)

Love how you've organized your space. It might inspire me to tweak mine a bit too. LOL! Hope you're having a great weekend.


beadbabe49 said...

hi, donna! did you ever hear from the bead mag? I know sometimes they slip a bit or have a typo or two, but your problem sounds unique.

bg...I bet you've got me out-stashed when it comes to fabric!

thanks, jewels! yes...I can actually remember when I had just a few of the smaller 15 drawer units...many beads, moons and units ago!

Sumi is out terrorizing the neighborhood birds...or would be if her bells didn't give her away, LOL!

Beadin' Gram said...

Fabric stash, yes -- I literally have a room FULL and about 9 months ago gave 4 nig tubs of fabric to my sister-in-law. I hope to have one of the grandsons here this weekend to help me organize it. They love the opportunity to get into Gram's "studio" (see, BB, I finally said it LOL). Glad Sumi wears bells -- we have a Robin that nested right outside our front door while we were on vacation -- silly bird -- she scolds and attacks us everytime we use the door.

Robin said...

Zoomie Sumi and all those boxes full of treasures galore... oh my! How delightful! Thanks for showing the pictures of your workspaces. It helps me to know you a little better :)

phlegmfatale said...

wow - your studio is so orderly and un-chaotic, that it has me inspired to go and work on setting mine to order. Keep your fingers crossed for me. OH, and I love that bracelet on the more recent post with the wonky-cone-shaped beads - lovely and delightfully unexpected color combinations!

beadbabe49 said...

yay, bg! yes, it IS a studio!

hi, robin...thanks...

hi pf! glad to be an inspiration...loved your post about your mom...