I've started the 12th piece, Asaka, in the basho series....it talks about marshes and blue irises, so I took a photo of the blue iris and printed it onto translucent paper. But even with a light background it didn't show up well, so I took some silver foil and backed parts of it, so the irises will stand out.
For the marshes I was thinking mirrors, but they were too bright, so I took some very old glass pieces that had been backed with foil, but it had mostly fallen off over time and I'm bezeling them...when they're all done then I'll bead a path through them and it will be done.

Most of the pieces don't come out this way....I'm not usually sure when I start out where they will end...but this one just fell into place this way.
It's also a lot more formal and balanced than I usually work the bead embroidery...

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