The Studio
I wanted to take some pics while it's still in it's pristine stage...the first studio pic is of my work area in the studio....I was mobile beading yesterday (took a few boxes with me to the visual arts center where I gallery-sit on saturdays). The second is part bead storage and part computer stuff, the third one is more bead storage and the fourth is more...and those are all the walls I have...;)
When I first started beading 15 years ago, all my beads fit into a small 15 drawer organizer...like these...I replaced them with the red and yellow organizers.


LJ said...

Wow! You ARE organized. I'm about half way there. I have literally hundreds of those whimbead rectangular tubes, several of the hardware store storage units - and I believe I'm going to check out the plastic units. I'm running out of walls!
Studio looks beautiful, B! Isn't it just a pleasure to sit and work when it's like that?
Enjoyed the pics!

beadbabe49 said...

hi, lj!
yeah, it's a lot easier to work when you can put your hands on whatever you need for the next piece!
Running out of walls, yes!