Fresh Greens...

I am seeing new green shoots on the kiwi, the japanese maple, the lilac, the willows...every day new greens and that goes for inside too (metaphorically speaking). As I clear out the magazines, the books, the old clothes, I feel lighter, greener, fresher...heading for that invincible summer a friend quotes on her blog...may you all feel it too.


Blogger Blues

I've had problems with blogger from the very first day I started my blog because of a typo on my email address. Instead of beadbabe49@charter.net, I accidentally added an "f" after "charter" and when I tried to correct it using the right email address, it told me that address was already taken...yeah. by me!
So every now and then I would be locked out of my own blog and all efforts to fix the problem (and I've done it dozens of times) have failed.
This long post is just to let you know that occasionally I will sort of disappear from the blog....but I'm still here!