Not My Usual

I generally don't write about religion, sex or politics, mainly because this blog is about my creative life and the artwork I do with just occasional forays into my personal life.
I do, however, read blogs about all of the above and last month I read a post by mary scriver aka prariemary that was just so full of common sense (which is unbelievably rare, as it turns out) that I wanted to link to it. Mary gave her permission, so here it is, Do as I Say, Not as I Do, an amusing and sensible post that I wish I had written about some of the non-sense that current political life seems to inflict on it's practitioners.


Carol said...

Hmmm. I usually keep my political and religious views quiet on my blog. Mostly because there are just so many that would never agree with my liberal views and New Age spiritual beliefs.

I have seen a political division in this country that I never believed would happen.

That dear friend is all that I can say on this subject. Why? Because I have a tendency to talk on and on about the sad political state this country is in.

freebird said...

I agree with Carol. I've never seen the hatred and divisions we see today. My husband insists its racial and I keep hoping we are better than that but afraid we are not. However, I remind him that on the whole people work in a fashion that takes them individually or as a group, two steps forward and one step back. I keep in mind we do progress even if it doesn't seem like it at the moment. Remember we had the civil rights stuff in the 60's. We moved forward quite a ways then. Now I am afraid we are on the one step back but I have hope looking at history, that we will move forward again to a new higher plain on racial and party lines in the future.
I could say more but I'll leave it there although I will add that I left a different comment on the blogpost link you gave us.