November BJP

A long way from being finished and I still have to add a skull, scorpion and bear....but so far I'm pleased with it...


Sea whirls

So, I've been having more fun with phyllis' sea whirls...did one with just two colors, then did one with 5 different shades of green with black spine and now I'm working on one with 5 colors that I started differently than the originals...


Cat and Birdies

Our youngest, Oliver, has been stealing my little birdy pincushion every chance he gets, so I've had to make him his own birdy...so far he likes it, but it probably won't be as much fun if he doesn't have to sneak around with it...;)


Good Ideas and Not So Good

I've been working on a bracelet design all week and I think I've labored mightily and brought forth a mouse...LOL! Somehow it looked much better in my head, ya know? So, I think I'll keep the hours and hours of RAW and figure out something that works better for the spaces that are now threaded with a peyote strip...
On the good idea front....this is a great pattern from Phyllis Dintenfass (there's a kit on her website here) that I just had to have. I've been beading for so long, especially off-loom stitches that it's rare for me to see anything I haven't seen before or made myself. But I saw this in the article on Phyllis in this month's Step by Step Beads and just could not figure out how to make her exquisite little sea whirl pins. Well, now I know...and they're great fun to make! I'm on my second one already and will be adding it to my november bjp, I think.


Early Birthday Gift

Some friends came visiting yesterday and brought me an early birthday gift...something I've been admiring for quite a while!
And eventually, it will make a lovely display hand for some of my smaller pieces!


But then again...

it was over 70 today at the beach....

guess who didn't get any beading done?

Definitely Fall

Guess summer's over, huh?


New Stuff

I've started a new piece for a necklace, although I don't know if necklace is the right word for a piece this large (6x4.5 inches)...it's another of my p/c (polymer clay) faces, some vintage sew-ons with red glass, some small twisted bugles and sequins, so far.

Also have the fabric background and a couple of items selected for my November bjp. Since november is my birth month and I'm a water sign, I picked this blue/grey/green cotton batik that reminds me of patterns in the water as the background. I also picked the p/c double moon faces that I made from a mold made from a double moon bone cabachon and 3 small blue topaz marquis shaped sew-ons, since topaz is my birthstone. I have never liked the gold colored topaz but love the light blue topaz, so that's what I use. Since I'll be 58 this year, I'll have a 5 and an 8 in there somewhere, but haven't decided which way to go with the numbers yet.


Ready for Etsy

Well, the last face pin is done and ready for my etsy shop...


Etsy Faces

I'm finishing up some face pins I'm putting up on my etsy shop this week....these are just pins as the pin/pendant combo I like was out of stock at rio grande...


October Done

I think I found what it needed....at least it feels done to me now.


October Three

It doesn't feel done, but I'm not sure why...so I'll sit with it for a while and see what develops...


October's Beginning

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