Pay It Forward

Having been introduced to the Pay It Forward idea by Jackie of Beading Gram, I'm offering 3 face pins to the first three readers here who would like to join this wonderful movement! You just commit to sending 3 pieces of your handmade work to another 3 people...and it doesn't have to be done in the next week or month! Just make the commitment and let folks know what your timeframe is....I'll be sending out the pins just after the new year, as this month is already too full to make any new commitments, but January is still wide open, LOL!


Sue in western WA said...

So glad to see that you fared well through the storm. {whew!}

Have you had any takers for the Pay It Forward challenge? I've seen it on other blogs (quilters mostly) and have hesitated to participate. When I read your post I realized that maybe I could do it after all. (As usual, I was thinking way too big in terms of the gifts I would make/give.)

KV said...

Well, I am in the same boat as Sue it seems. Am just flooded with community youth activities coming up after the first of the year and all the holiday giftmaking that has been going on here. HOWEVER, I adore your face pins and that is enough incentive for me to participate in this effort, too.

Count me in . . .

Kathy V in NM

beadbabe49 said...

that's wonderful, sue and kathy...you're the first two to take it up...and yes, if it had to be done NOW, I wouldn't be participating either, but with a generous timeline, I can swing it.
Please send me your snail mail address on my email which is...bkirk49@charter.net, NOT the bkirk49@charterf.net that blogger has me as! I cannot get them to change it to the correct one for some reason, so it is wrong in this post box but correct when you look at my profile...go figure?

Nancy K. said...

If this is still open, count me in too, although I have no idea when I can get them done. But I love the idea too.

Nancy K.