I'm finally moving ahead with my basho series, as well as painting a tin for my FAT group and working on my xmas card....I think I've decided to bead a word and then use the digital photo of the piece as our card this year...I've been rather restrained the last couple of years, so this year I'm hoping to be able to send out more cards and touch base with some friends I've neglected...


KV said...

This is so rich looking already, Bobbi. It will make a wonderful card design. Must be something in the air because I, too, have been a bit remiss in sending out cards for the past few years but am determined to do it this year!

Kathy V in NM

artandtea said...

Hi Bobbi,
It's a good feeling to be able to return to a piece/project after veering off in another direction (or 2, or 3...) for awhile.
What a great idea for your Xmas card.
I love the energy in this piece and the fabric is fabulous. Your cabs look like polished river rocks. Are they smokey quartz?

beadbabe49 said...

hi kathy...this isn't the card, this is one of my pieces in a series based on a book by a japanese poet/writer.
the card isn't beaded yet...but I'll put a photo up when it's done...

thanks, karen...the cabs are dyed mother of pearl nuggets and very 3-D...I'll put a photo of them in the next post.