This weekend we gained a new family member....his name is Bro, because I'm hoping Sumi will treat him like a beloved little brother (not a pest!)...this is as close as they've gotten in the past two days without a whole lot of hissing going on....I think in the end, her curiosity and wanting someone to play with will overcome her territoriality and jealousy...I hope!
Also went to the pow wow and found some awesome abalone disks...I chose them because of their back sides and am going to bezel a number of them before combining them into one neckpiece.
Here's the front (back) of the first one...taken with both my lumix and my casio...the actual piece probably falls somewhere in between the two pics. The black beads go from size 11 to 18 and I used both RAW and peyote for the bezel.


Beadin' Gram said...

Oh, Bro is sooooo sweet --- and Sumi looks like she wants to play -- but is just doing the "hard to get" act. They are both beautiful -- and speaking of beautiful, the abalone disks are fantastic -- and I love the beading you have done -- this will be one absolutely fantastic neckpiece when you are done. You come up with the greatest ideas ;-)

janet said...

What cute kitty's.

Can't wait to see the finished product with the abalone disks. You are one talented beaded.

The Lone Beader said...


Jewels said...

That disk looks awesome. I love how you've done the bezel, looks cussionny. Are you using Charlottes? I believe I see a small facet in there.
Sumi will warm up to Bro in no time, he is a cuty. Looks like he's got some Siamese in him.

beadbabe49 said...

thanks all!
jewels, it's done with true cuts (size 11 charlottes) then charlottes and finally with size 18's for the last row, front & back.