One of the best beaders on the web, Diana Grygo, aka The Lone Beader, asked us to mention her name in our blog, so here you go, diana....anyone who will bead a bus and a fire engine, not to mention the delightful Rudy, I'd like to consider a friend.
I'm in the midst of a bottlecap pincushion frenzy, so will post pics later...I've also been asked to host a pincushion swap, so keep tuned in if you're interested. It will probably not take place until late next month though, so don't be holding your breaths, or anything like that!


The Lone Beader said...

Yay!!! You got the idea.. Now, you're the #1 Google link on my Squidoo page. Way to go... Maybe some others will figure that out, too... :)

freebird said...

Those pin cushions are so cute! I just have to make one. I don't get soda bottle caps often but I'll try one with a milk jug cap. I will stay tuned to see what your swap is. It seems your creative juices are flowing all right to me.

beadbabe49 said...

oh, kewl, diana!

I don't usually drink soda in bottles freebird, but I have friends saving them for me...and the caps on the 20 oz. bottles also work, so they don't have to be from the 2 liter bottles...that's a lotta pop!
LOL....good luck on making just one! I hope you'll post it on your blog?

freebird said...

I will. I have a lot of things I'd like to post and if I ever quit surfing around here I might actually get to it!