I must be inspired by blue this month. The earrings are done and the next basho piece is also blue and the pin/pendant left over from the earring commission is blue. Not to mention my bjp piece.


Tally said...

Most beautiful colors!
The one with the Buddha, is that for BJP?

The Lone Beader said...

Have you been listening to the blues lately??

Beadin' Gram said...

Earrings are super -- and, darn,I don't have my Basho book with me --but will read it when I get back home. Love the fabric the Basho piece is on -- and that Budda is cool.

Bejeweled said...

OMG! Your beading is amazing! Those earrings are just too cool - great color and I can't believe they are only about an inch wide. And you are doing a Basho inspired series? What a wonderful idea! Is this blue one for the BJP?

beadbabe49 said...

thanks to everyone for stopping by and commenting!
tally...no, my bjp one is 4x6 size...all the 4x4 pieces you'll see here are for a series I'm doing on Matsuo Basho's book, Narrow Road to the Interior, a 17th century Japanese travel/poetry book.
lb...sort of....I've been listening to motown's version as presented by the movie Dream Girls...R&B instead of straight B...LOL!
thanks, bg...hope your trip is going well!
thanks, bj!
The earrings were happily received and I have a nice commission experience to look back on. I've had not-so-nice ones, so I'm especially appreciative that this lady was such a delight to work with!

Judi D said...

The earings came out beautiful!

beadbabe49 said...

thanks, judi!

LJ said...

The earrings are splendid, BB. I could easily understand getting stuck on that shade of blue. Amazing that you're keeping up the Basho piece, and doing the BJP at the same time.
Many blessings on the surgeon who fixed your wrists!

beadbabe49 said...

I'm also working on some beaded beads, lj!
Guess I really should send him a thank you card, eh!