Coming Along
The piece is coming along, although I've hit a stopping spot because I'm not quite sure what comes next...I find if I just leave it alone...sitting here next to me...eventually I'll see what I need to do...in the meantime, I've found a few shadow boxes and framed a couple of pieces....not sure about them either, so I'm living with them, as well...one day I'll look at them and see that they're fine or see what I need to do instead...I know some folks can push past such slow spots, but it's never worked for me, so I just practice patience a bit more...


Bead Faire

New Stuff
Last weekend was our local bead faire at the coast and visiting with friends and finding some great vintage stuff and stone cabs kept me pretty busy...however....
I did manage to get a bit further on the faux tortoiseshell piece and also make a bracelet with vintage czech nailheads...



A little hiatus continued...

Well, I'm beading slowly....did sneak in a little beaded bead this morning, but am now resting my hands again...luckily my chiropractor appt. is this afternoon and I sure hope he can help! I'm going to be very disappointed if I come home un-improved...;(


A little hiatus...

I've been cutting back a bit on the beadwork due to some carpal tunnel symptoms, although I've still kept up on some small pieces...the bag is stalled due to lack of inspiration about halfway through the design process...so I'm pulling out some older bits that I've been collecting for years to see what they say now...it's only july, but I'm already thinking fall, I guess!


In process...


Applique Bag

New Project
I was on the beadwork website yesterday to check out the newest issue and I found they're having a juried exhibition of bags...well, I've done the small amulet pouches in several techniques but haven't done a large bag....I've got an antique bag handle that I've been saving, so now seems the time to dig it out and play with it a bit....I put it on some fabric and added a couple of my small hands (they will need to be beaded) and a face....I like what I have so far, but need to get an actual design figured out before I start building the bag....I like a challenge!