A little hiatus continued...

Well, I'm beading slowly....did sneak in a little beaded bead this morning, but am now resting my hands again...luckily my chiropractor appt. is this afternoon and I sure hope he can help! I'm going to be very disappointed if I come home un-improved...;(


Mandi said...

I hope you can find some things to help prevent your hands from hurting. You have such wonderful talent, and I really enjoy viewing your pieces = )

Jewels said...

B.B. I don't know if I've mentionned this to you before, but have you ever heard of a device called a C-Trac?

My hubby got it for me (through his clinic), and I find I can't live without it now... I haven't been able to use it very much these past few weeks due to the "you know what", but whenever I go through my beading frenzies, I use it at least 3 times daily!

Keep your eyes peeled, I just decided to write a post about it.

beadbabe49 said...

thanks, mandi!

I haven't heard of it, jewels...and I'll check your blog for more info...thanks!