Just a short note to let you know I'll be on a couple of weeks hiatus....I'm having some radiation treatments so I should be feeling better in a month or so. I'm still online occasionally and looking at everyone's wonderful work...keeps me feeling like I'm not quite out of the loop.
See ya next month...


New Header

Here's the new banner for february and I got my complimentary copy of studios (winter edition) with photos of my studio in it....I suppose like most folks I'm not happy with the photo of myself but since I was the photographer it doesn't do much good to complain, lol!
I am pleased with the reproduction of my studio photos...digital photography is awesome!
That's all the excitement I could take for one day...will have to put beading on my list for tomorrow...or maybe I should just say manyana...


Slow Moves

I just finished december's bjp and am now working on january's....I've decided not to buy any new fabric for this year as I have so many beautiful batik's I've barely used. I also have a friend who is making ceramic focal pieces and I may use her pieces all year too, another thing all 12 bjp pieces will have in common.
I'm going out this afternoon to take a few photos....it's another gorgeous day at the beach, and I'll use one of those for my new header.