Yet More Milestones

My next level came when I decided I needed to add an element of spirituality to my work. I'm not into organized religion, but I do feel that there is more to reality than just the physical and I wanted to incorporate some of my feelings about that into my pieces.
By this time, I was totally loving bead embroidery and hand images have always been special to me, so ultimately I came across the hamsa hand from the middle east...a stylized hand image that's been used in the middle east for hundred of years. In the more traditional hamsa hand, there is an eye in the palm (to ward off evil) and although I like the protective aspect of the hamsa, I decided to make my hand into a "doll" by adding a face and hands, some literal and some iconic. But the shape always stays the same. When I had a number of them done, I began to call them "guardian spirits"...and as I worked on them, I tried to infuse them with peace and love and healing.
Here is one of my guardian spirits and you can see earlier ones on my webpage, if you like.

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