Hi Agan

Well, I seem to have wiggled my nose just right and I've been allowed back into my blog....but who knows for how long.
I'm seriously considering closing the blog and just moving my web "presence" over to my facebook page...how would you all feel about that? Or, I could just start another blog, with my correct email address (so hopefully I'd have access all the time)....any ideas?
I'm starting to get back into beadwork again, so I would like to find some way of sharing with you again.


New Work

I guess as long as I can still post I could show you my latest efforts....a flower spirit surrounded by abalone petals and the beginning of a medicine pouch made of deerskin....when it's done I'll put some healing stones and crystals in it and wear it around my neck.


New Post

This is the first post I've been able to make since april and since I don't know why blogger is suddenly recognizing me again, I don't know if I'll be able to repeat it, so let me just say I'm getting better every day...we believe the cancer is in remission again and hope it will stay that way, but there are no guarantees, of course.
I've been unable to do much beading but am hoping that will change soon. I've been following some blogs but not been able to do much commenting due to fatigue.
I think of you all and hope you are all well and enjoying the coming summer...bless you all.


Fresh Greens...

I am seeing new green shoots on the kiwi, the japanese maple, the lilac, the willows...every day new greens and that goes for inside too (metaphorically speaking). As I clear out the magazines, the books, the old clothes, I feel lighter, greener, fresher...heading for that invincible summer a friend quotes on her blog...may you all feel it too.


Blogger Blues

I've had problems with blogger from the very first day I started my blog because of a typo on my email address. Instead of beadbabe49@charter.net, I accidentally added an "f" after "charter" and when I tried to correct it using the right email address, it told me that address was already taken...yeah. by me!
So every now and then I would be locked out of my own blog and all efforts to fix the problem (and I've done it dozens of times) have failed.
This long post is just to let you know that occasionally I will sort of disappear from the blog....but I'm still here!


Night Light

Since I'm at home I thought I'd try taking some interior shots...a new direction, mostly, for me....but a welcome return to some form of image making...one of the porch lights shining through one of the stained glass windows with just has clear glass (is it still called stained glass, I wonder?)...


Spring Currents

I've been patiently watching the signs of Spring coming to the back garden....we only have a small window in the house that overlooks the front, so the show is all in the rear. The willows and alders are usually first but the forsythia pretty much beat out everyone this year. Lovely to see the splashes of yellow...the gardener walks around on the other side of the park so he can see our yard from the back too....he's trying to be patient and perusing the garden catalogs helps a lot. I'm not up to walking out back, so I'm sorry I have no photo to share. Maybe in a week to two...

I've been gathering all the decorating and architectural magazines that a friend passes on to me. I must have been busy with other things last year so I've had quite a lot to go through and I've almost read them from cover to cover before recycling them.

Thank you all so much for the prayers and positive vibes you are sending....I believe they are making a substantial impact on my healing and I certainly feel the love and compassion around me.

Bless you all....


Another Update

Thanks for all your kind and concerned comments....my radiation treatments ended wednesday and yesterday I had some lab work done here in our hospital, so the 120 miles round trips have thankfull ended for the time being.
I understand it will take several weeks to see some major improvements but hopefully in a couple of weeks I may see some small gains.

I'm dreaming of pieces I'd like to do but will settle right now for keeping the blog updated on a more regular basis now that I''m home!
Bless you all and do count your blessings....I know I sure am counting mine!

Just thought I'd add a picture of my two little furry companions who have been keeping me warm and entertained...the every-gorgeous sumi and the zippy oliver.



Just a short note to let you know I'll be on a couple of weeks hiatus....I'm having some radiation treatments so I should be feeling better in a month or so. I'm still online occasionally and looking at everyone's wonderful work...keeps me feeling like I'm not quite out of the loop.
See ya next month...


New Header

Here's the new banner for february and I got my complimentary copy of studios (winter edition) with photos of my studio in it....I suppose like most folks I'm not happy with the photo of myself but since I was the photographer it doesn't do much good to complain, lol!
I am pleased with the reproduction of my studio photos...digital photography is awesome!
That's all the excitement I could take for one day...will have to put beading on my list for tomorrow...or maybe I should just say manyana...


Slow Moves

I just finished december's bjp and am now working on january's....I've decided not to buy any new fabric for this year as I have so many beautiful batik's I've barely used. I also have a friend who is making ceramic focal pieces and I may use her pieces all year too, another thing all 12 bjp pieces will have in common.
I'm going out this afternoon to take a few photos....it's another gorgeous day at the beach, and I'll use one of those for my new header.



Today we seem to have another dry sunny day so I thought I'd post a couple of photos from around town....the photo of the bay shows where NOAA is building their new headquarters of their pacific fleet...the huge sandpile is supposed to be removed after the building is finished....sure is a LOT of sand!
The north and south jettys and then a shot south toward the yaquina head lighthouse....just wanted to remember a few days without rain and fog!
I've been neglecting my beadwork but going full speed with learning more and more about my computer...mostly I'm working on windows 7, so I can tell what all the laptop will do and then I'll go onto getting deeper into photoshop, which I've used a lot, but mostly just the simplest tools.
I know I'll get back into beading....just not sure when.



I finally got a start on the last bjp for last year and may have it finished soon. I'm also finding that I'm having a lot of difficulty making a decision about this year's pieces, so I decided to make 12 pin/pendant pieces, all in freeform shapes cut out from 3x3 inch squares. So the parameters will be 3 inches or less. I'm thinking I'll be using the sea as a theme...maybe each month will be inspired by a different tidepool or maybe just the sea in general. I may have a few more decisions to make...or not.
As soon as I get a bit more energy back, I'll be stopping at the other blogs to see how everyone else is getting along. Easy does it will be my motto this year...I hope the bjp folks remember to have fun with their pages!


Hello to 2011

Wishing each one of you an especially good year filled with peace and love and good health. It's definitely winter on the coast with the temps in the mid 40's but we've also been gifted with sunshine and blue skies....a great start to the new year.


Goodbye to 2010

and all my gratitude to everyone who took the time to stop by and visit my little cybernook and to comment this year...you bring me more comfort than you can know.


Happy Holidays

Happy Solstice, Christmas, New Year's and everything in between....

(I do love the photoshop filters....especially the watercolor one...)


December BJP

I'm as far as the fabric and inspired by a small imported cloisonne box from china...still working on health issues but am feeling a bit better than last week. Thanks for all your kind comments on my last post. I'd say more, but I'm in a place of "wait and see" and will know more in another month or so.



Sorry, I seem to be missing from this blog lately, but I've had some health issues to deal with and they've taken priority.
Hope you're all enjoying this holiday season....I see more folks focusing on family and less on consumption...makes me joyous!
I'll be back with more BJP work when I can.


Last Reminder!

Tomorrow is the deadline for the 2011 Bead Journal Project. If you're not sure, why not join and then if it works out, you'll be in and if it doesn't....well, there are NO BJP police, so no one will be knocking on your door, virtual or real, and asking why you haven't finished this project!

Today is full of doc visits and other appts. but tomorrow I'll be posting on beadwork again...

Hope to see you on the BJP participants pages and if not, I hope you'll check in occasionally to see what we're all doing...

Enjoy the day!



Not quite winter, but close...