Hi Agan

Well, I seem to have wiggled my nose just right and I've been allowed back into my blog....but who knows for how long.
I'm seriously considering closing the blog and just moving my web "presence" over to my facebook page...how would you all feel about that? Or, I could just start another blog, with my correct email address (so hopefully I'd have access all the time)....any ideas?
I'm starting to get back into beadwork again, so I would like to find some way of sharing with you again.


Timaree said...

Everyone seems to be moving to facebook but I find it hard to navigate and see stuff. I'll friend you if you do but I prefer blogs.

Roberta Warshaw said...

I like a blog myself. FB has its purpose I guess. I do link my blog to my FB page. But I think it is a nicer way to connect using a blog. Just my 2 cents. Oh and welcome back. Missed you!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Facebook is whatever you want it to be. So many are selling like crazy through it. My daughter spends tremendous time socializing there. I play games. I nosey around when I feel like it. I will never embrace it. My friends get lost there.

I LOVE the blogs and my better on line friends are there. Do what you feel most comfortable with. That's the answer.
xx, Carol

Dwayne and Janice said...

Good to see your voice again - I'd vote for a blog, but I follow facebook as well. The blog seems to give more options.

Magpie Sue said...

I would prefer a blog too. I have an account on FB but hardly ever spend any time there. I'm just not as comfortable with that format. Glad you're wanting to post more often!

Didi-beadwork said...

I don't use facebook except to post my location when on holiday. i find it hard to use it as most of the people that i know on facebook are ex students of the school i work at.
if blogger is not working for you try wordpress which a lot of people seem to use. just leave a link on your blogger site and facebook